Welcome to Economy Homes & Cottages

Economy Homes and Cottages will help make your Cottage or Country living dreams come true, with made-in-Canada quality; meeting or exceeding the quality of a site-built home, for 20 to 30 percent less than the cost of similar construction.

Economy Homes & Cottages is a division of The Seventies Homes Canada Incorporated (established 1971). We specialize in offering affordable options for housing and cottages without compromising quality or appearance. We consult with our clients to help determine what ‘Modular’ builder to use for the project, or in some special cases, we will design and construct the home using our own skilled trades. We have the broadest product line-up available in Alberta, and we are seasoned at facilitating projects throughout Alberta and into B.C.

Economy Homes & Cottages was born of the idea that the "Cottage Lifestyle" is not solely for the rich. People deserve to have a get-away, whether it is in a resort setting, or simply a part of their own home. We take a slower, more relaxed approach to helping educate our clients on the merits and possibilities behind factory-build housing. We can provide a 4-season home from as small as 500 square feet with all the basic amenities you would find in any home. The acreage lifestyle, in our view, should be equally as relaxed as what you might hope to find in a cottage, and we aim to provide every one of our customers with that pleasant relaxed feeling. We also offer a wide variety of choices for Garden Suites, Granny Flats, Guest Homes, or whatever you want to call an Additional Living Accommodation. Dealing with Economy Homes & Cottages is as relaxing as should be expected from a cottage vacation.